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Copy the files using the ‘ drive letter should be available (not mapped to a share already, to avoid error ‘80070055 – The local device is already in use’) s Drive Letter = "S:" s File Name = "Work Book.xlsx" Set fso = New File System Object ‘ Create Object("Scripting. Path Private Declare Function Get Temp File Name Lib "kernel32" Alias "Get Temp File Name A" _ (By Val lpsz Path As String, _ By Val lp Prefix String As String, _ By Val w Unique As Long, _ By Val lp Temp File Name As String) As Longmethods of the files and folders REST API.

Using this method has a further benefit, that – depending on the file size – might be even a significant one.

In contrast with the other methods described earlier, this one does not download / upload the file content.

It sends only a command to the server to copy the file, after we perform the authentication in the Private Sub Copy Files3() Dim web App Url As String Dim server Rel Url Of Site As String Dim site Url As String Dim doc Lib Name As String Dim server Rel Url Of Doc Lib As String Dim source Path As String Dim target Path As String.

If the project is checked-out, it sends a warning to the owner that the project was not updated due to its state.I suggest you to read that post first, as it can help you to better understand the relations between the custom field values and the internal names of the lookup table entries.In this post I show you how to read such values using the properties of the lookup entries of the corresponding lookup table.As we didn’t define variables like , they are simply removed from the string (replaced by an empty string). Instead of double quotation marks we should use single quotation marks to leave the query options intact, but in this case we should escape the single quotes (using two single quotation marks) used in the interface.Although I consider this task to be a rather common requirement, there are really very few (if any) practical information about that on the web.

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