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Keeping with the full-circle nature of the episode (including Britta noting that Chang had betrayed them for the last time), Jeff and Britta find themselves alone in the study room, discussing how all this craziness started simply because Jeff wanted to have sex with her.And if you go back and watch the early episodes of the show, the ebbs and flows of Jeff's sexual PR campaign were a huge part of the show.The reason should be clear: any e-mail says little more than you can find out in the time it takes for a waiter to open a bottle of wine.What you can learn in an hour offline could take you a week on the Web. As such, I almost feel as if I should simply sign off and wait to see what “Basic Sandwich” – the second time Harmon will have had to potentially end the show (though my guess is that “six seasons and a movie” somehow comes true) – brings, and maybe note that there were a few very funny gags (the insurance appraiser's endless string of definitions, Buzz's threat to Starburns, the Buzz/Duncan tag, or Dean Pelton's forehead label) mixed in, plus some wonderful spastic dancing from Danny Pudi, Jim Rash and Alison Brie as they celebrated the discovery of the buried treasure clue.

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