Radiocarbon dating and the messiah before jesus

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The fact that the true Messiah not only had to be a son of David, but virgin-born as well, narrows down the field quite a bit.

Other than Yeshua, what legitimate claimants are there for the position?

The following is a slightly condensed, and formatted version of an article written by Sam Shamoun entitled 'The Identity of the Jewish Messiah Revealed.' We have been granted permission to host this article on the Jesus Plus Nothing website, for which we are very grateful!

For more Messianic questions, we’ve got answers for you!Some traditional Rabbis might protest that the mother’s side cannot give genealogical credentials, and it is true that the biblical records are patrilineal.However, in the Scriptures there are clear exceptions regarding the right of a female to pass along the family heritage (Numbers 27:1-7).Some say that the Virgin Birth means Yeshua (Jesus) cannot be the Messiah.You see, one of the necessary credentials of the true Messiah of Israel is that He be from the line of King David (Isaiah -14; 9:6/7; Jeremiah 23:5-6).

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