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Unlike other Canadian provinces and many American states, British Columbia does not have a law banning convicts from making money by recounting their crimes.

After Monday’s events, however, the province is considering such a law, often referred to as “Son of Sam” laws after the infamous New York City serial killer.

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“When I heard grinders, I thought ‘bingo, this is the kind of guy we’re looking for.’” But Shenher said that even after interviewing the woman who escaped from Pickton in 1997, she couldn’t get her superiors to sign off on arresting the pig farmer. Although he was initially charged with 26 counts of first-degree murder, he was convicted of only six counts of second-degree murder. Families of Pickton’s other women who vanished were left frustrated that their loved ones had not received justice. C., jail cell and lamented that his quest to kill 50 women had come up just short. Doesn’t that just kick you in the ass now,” Pickton told his cellmate, adding that authorities were planning on charging him with murdering 49 women.“I was just gonna [expletive] do one more, make it even.” That 2002 confession was captured on video (his cellmate was actually an undercover officer), and it would play a role in Pickton’s conviction for killing six women, for which he was sentenced to life in prison.In a book published 14 years later, however, Pickton now claims that he is innocent: “the fall guy” for a bungled investigation.“The [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] were desperately failing to do their job properly, while looking for someone to take the fall, which is truly evil,” Pickton writes in the book, “Pickton: In His Own Words,” according to CTV News Vancouver.

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