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This is a table-top oven with 8 small fry pans for toasting cheese, plus a grill top which I like to use for a second course of sausages and veg.

It’s the easiest, coziest dinner party imaginable — pick up some Raclette and potatoes, ask your guests to bring pickles and mustards, then plug in your Raclette oven.

If you’ve never been to one of our meet-ups, get ready to meet the people who make my heart swell: local cheesemakers, fermenters, cheese yogis, brewers, cider makers, distillers, bakers, cheesemongers, and maybe even a few cheese-loving burlesque dancers.

Bring friends or come alone, this isn’t one of those parties where nobody talks to strangers (byyyyeee to all that! Get ready to be embraced by some bubbly curd nerds and eat the most mind-blowing rinds of your life.

Category: events, Uncategorized · Tags: Caputo, cheese, cheese gang, Cheesemas, Cherry Grove, Collective Creamery, Margaux Kent, Martha, Martha bar, Mike Geno, peg and awl, Philadelphia, Rennet Rough Riders Every year, I tell myself I am not going to do a gift guide.

It’s true: I love whiskey, the occasional French cigarette (I keep a pack in the freezer and defrost one on occasion to smoke on the stoop after a party), and I always stop to smell roses when I jog around the cemetery near my house.Also, you’ve probably noticed my posts here are less frequent — monthly now, instead of weekly. To join the movement, pop over to Instagram (@mmefromage) and whenever you eat a fabulous American-made cheese, snap a picture, post it to Instagram, and tag it #American Cheese Project. To be clear: I am not doing this project to gain followers on social media.I’ve been working on another book, which will drop from the sky on April 17, 2018, so life around here feels pretty full. I’ll check the tag every day so I can see your posts, and so will everyone who is noshing along! My goal is to to learn more about American cheese and to share info.~ Pictured up top: a selection from Valley Milkhouse, made here in my home state of Pennsylvania. Lovers, it’s time to break the dark funk of 2017 with a Cheesemas bash.If you live in Philadelphia, or nearby, I hope you’ll join me and the local cheese gang on Wednesday, December 20, for our first-ever holiday BYOC (Bring Your Own Cheese) party at the local curd-nerd clubhouse, Martha.

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