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In a season twist, both tribes, separated by gender, were put on the same beach and required to compete against one another. He was an excellent liaison between the rivaling men and the women.However, when a group of the younger guys threatened to take over once Colton was eliminated, Troyzan made moves to ensure that did not happen.Playing both sides, Troyzan started recruiting the older men in the tribe, Jonas Otsuji, Leif Mason, and “Tarzan” Smith, to protect himself from the macho alliance.After their first immunity loss in Episode 3, Colton seemed like an easy target, but instead, Troyzan recruited Colton to join his alliance and target Matt Quinlan, the presumed leader of the opposing alliance.They took out Jonas at the first merge vote, as he was more likable and a male that the other males would agree to target.

Previous Placing: 8/18 Days Lasted: 30 Correctly Voted for Boot: 4 Votes Received: 6* Individual Immunity Challenge Wins: 2 Most Memorable Moment: Screaming “THIS IS MY ISLAND! The battle between the men and women became instantly personal at the first immunity challenge when the men turned down the gesture of good will to finish the challenge (after Kourtney Moon’s medevac) and instead took the immunity win. Early on in the game, the overwhelming amount of testosterone in the camp ousted Colton Cumbie, who felt out of place due to his inability to relate to guys.

On Day 23 Troyzan and Jay felt more uncomfortable than ever, now with the girls having a two person lead in the game.

Troyzan started making alternative moves against his ally, Kim, with the leverage of having the hidden immunity idol in his back pocket.

The alliance didn’t need to vote anybody out as Salani was a physically strong tribe and won the next Immunity Challenge and then Colton was medevaced.

On Day 18 the two tribes merged, with the Salani seven making a pact to stay strong and vote out the five Manonos.

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