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This device isn't simply a flashy trick; it's integral to the movie's richly layered meditation on time and circumstance.

Human relationships are the heart of the story, as we see various friends and lovers couple and decouple against the background of London during the Blitz and the aftermath of WWII.

Elaine continued: 'It was his dream to work in California so when he was offered the job at Canalys I couldn't have been more proud.'I encouraged him to live his dream and do what he wanted, but inside I didn't really want him to go.'We were so close, he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him, and I would really miss him.'The last time Elaine saw her son in person was during a visit to the States in November last year, right after he was involved in a car crash in California where he was uninjured.

To this day, she says she's unsure what happened – but thinks perhaps Patrick's black out could have been an early sign of a heart concern.

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He had so much love to give - a truly caring and beautiful person.'Patrick, who studied business management at Bath Spa University before going on to the University of Birmingham to complete a master's degree in business, took a job in Silicon Valley, California, at research firm Canalys in October last year.It’s one of those places that always appears in the top three of those “best cities in the world to live in” polls, so I was really happy to move there with my husband, actor Stephen Lord, and it was exciting researching it and choosing a…A grieving upper class woman becomes a "Lady Visitor" at Millbank prison, hoping to escape her troubles and be a guiding figure in the lives of the female prisoners. See full summary » The series tells the story of Amy Dorrit, who spends her days earning money for the family and looking after her proud father, who is a long term inmate of Marshalsea debtors' prison in ...See full summary » A married couple moves back to its childhood village to start a family, but a surprise visit from the husband's brother ignites sibling rivalry and exposes lies embedded in the couple's ...See full summary » Once the tea girl Kate Loy is now the ruthless editor of scurrilous red top the Sunday Comet,owned by greedy Australian media magnate Stanhope Feast. See full summary » In post-war London, Viv Pearce is dating Reggie and runs a dating bureau with Helen Giniver, who lives with her older lover, authoress Julia Standing.

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