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Lucy Rothschild is a fictional crime writer, who pals around with her other female author friends.Lucy is doing research for her latest book, by going on online dates and using the 'losers' that she meets up with as her victims in her book.I have read every book Rachel Gibson has written, and I can hardly wait for the next one. For the reviewer who said it was "Rachel Gibson at her best," I can't help but wonder if she's read Truly Madly Yours or See Jane Score. The story itself was interesting enough to keep me hooked.

When Lucy goes to Quinns' house for another date a man is killed while she is there, now Quinn knows Lucy is the killer but she is pissed for getting played.The man is an idiot, risking his career at that stage of their relationship.I wish I could say he did it because he was already in love with her, but really it just shows a man with a lack of forethought. The only reason it got two stars was because the beginning plot was so intriguing- he was setting her up to be convicted of murder and she was just going about her life- this novel started with so much potential. Sex, Lies, and Online Dating was a fun read for me.Naturally Quinn and Lucy eventually meet for a date.Both of them are lying through their teeth about who they are and what they're doing, and this being a romance they're both attracted to each other.

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