Conflict theory dating

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In particular, they develop what Freud called penis envy, or the idea that every woman wants to have a male penis (why did I say male, is there a female penis? During these complexes the children often have hateful feelings toward the same sex parent and the stage ends with a "if I can’t beat them, I’ll join them attitude toward that same sex parent. This is the stage when the libido is hidden in the unconscious (this will be a big topic later) and sexuality is repressed (hidden).

Now I believe that penis envy has merit, not because I love my penis and think that of course every person would want to have it, but rather, the penis may represent what men have in society and women do not; power. Latency Stage: About 7-11 year olds develop the need to just hang around peers of their own gender. But the libido makes a grand entrance in the next stage. Genital Stage: From about 12 until death, this is the stage you are probably all in now (if not, don’t worry, your time will come).

If some outside force deters our social development in one of the following stages, Freud said we could become fixated in that stage, meaning that we would become preoccupied with that earlier stage later on in our lives.

Lets explain the stages and see if we can get this to make some sense. Oral Stage: About 0-2 years old, an infants libido is focused around their mouth.

But Freud did talk about social development and stated that all of us go through what he called five psychosexual stages.

Each perspective/school of psychology looks at our development and abnormalities differently.

Much of our unconscious is formed in our childhood- thus childhood development is central to understanding our behaviors. Freud was hanging out in Vienna, talking to his children and flirting with the wealthy women of the city, when he came up with his theory of our personality.

For simplicity sake, lets call it the iceberg theory. But the iceberg looked so small in the movie, and the titanic was so big, so how did the iceberg kick the bejesus out of the big steel boat?

You will notice that babies see the world through their mouths.

If I give my 8 month old son some dog vomit, the first thing he will do is taste it.

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