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However, the benefits through espionage are often great enough that most governments and many large corporations make use of it to varying degrees.Further information on clandestine human intelligence and human intelligence information collection techniques is available, including discussions of operational techniques, asset recruiting, and the tradecraft used to collect this information.Different intelligence services value certain intelligence collection techniques over others.

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Black's Law Dictionary (1990) defines espionage as: "... Britain's espionage activities are controlled by the Secret Intelligence Service. you follow her on Twitter, and you’ve seen her on the cover of all the tabloid. and as the wildest of the GIRLS NEXT DOOR, but you didn’t know how right you were about how wild she really is. Before she ever wore a bunny tail, she wore absolutely nothing at all ... Espionage is often part of an institutional effort by a government or commercial concern.However, the term tends to associate with state spying on potential or actual enemies for military purposes.

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